Thank you for your interest in wholesaling Apocalypse Hardware Products.


- We sell wholesale at a 55% discount off of retail, with a $750 minimum order. MSRP is 2 X wholesale which keeps your retail prices lower than ours ;)  Your MSRP is 90% of our list prices -


-We do offer our direct customers a maximum 10% discount in various ways. We never give more than a 10% discount to direct customers.   With the 10% discount, our price equals your MSRP. Most retailers offer small discounts or promos of their own as well, which can bring your sale price below ours again. 


-We sell Display stands that really help to showcase Apoc.Hrdwr.  masks and goggles in  a small area.  We include a free display stand with your first order . You can take a look at those here -


To order, just load your cart with at least $1,666 in merchandise, and use the code apocwhlsl for a 55% discount  ($1,666 retail price will come out to $750 with the 55% discount)



To inquire further about wholesale, please email us at Apocalpyse@ApocalypseHardware.com



Thank you - Apoc. Hrdwr.









-     You can also send an order via email
to Apocalypse@ApocalypseHardware.com