Machined Inspector Goggles - Neon Black


Neon Black

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These are our famous Machined Aluminum Inspector Goggles in Solid Black with Neon lenses!    Awesome in Club Lights !


We start with 2.5" heavy wall aluminum tube and machine them down to their final shape.   We then put them through an Anodizing process that gives them a scratch resistant surface and also lets them accept black dye - thats right, its not paint - its a dye impregnated into the metal itself !


Making their way through our workshop, the goggles are then given heavy leather straps with a metal buckle, soft leather lining around the back side, and fully machined and anodized metal cover plates and swivel lenses. Some chunky socket head screws hold it all together and there you have it - a Goggle Lovers dream come true.


The lenses are Neon Green acrylic and are fully removable with a tool that's attached to the goggles.  They come with an extra pair of Neon Pink acrylic lenses as well to allow you to customize your look!



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